More Features

Free Trial Access

We are launching Shamba Digital after successful testing and piloting.

We offer free trial access to 50 early bird organisations.

Engagement model

You must be a Producer, Co-operative or SME Organization.

You should have a minimum of 1,000 active farmers in your Organization.

It is advisable, if you have few extension officers, agronomist or data collectors on the field.

Free Trial Access Offer

Free Registration of 500 farmers .

2 months trial for 500 farmers to be digitally managed.

Access to 10 field staff, who will be able to use the mobile app for digitization, knowledge sharing purposes.

Access to 10 administration & management staff, for monitoring & reporting purposes.


Staff for training (3 days).

Logistics & admin requirement for training dates.

Any other direct cost to be discussed.

About Us

Shamba Digital is a platform developed to enhance the performance of the agricultural industry with the main aim of transforming subsistence farmers into agribusiness farmers. It provides a friendly and easy to use platform that helps farmers manage their farm-like businesses.

Shamba Digital being an innovative technological product that digitises end to end farming activity of farmers, its enhancement will provide efficiency to all players in the farming industry by whole, by reducing cost & operating expenditures, while increasing profits. This technological marvel enables our African farmers to stand confidently as the source of economic growth for our continent.

Our Modules

Business & Project plan

Implementation & continuous management plan

Account and Sales Management Plan

Risk Management Plan

Profit and Tax Management

Insurance & Finance Facilitation

Market Access Module